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Irish Constabulary uniform - shako cap
Irish Constabulary station badge
Irish Constabulary reward poster for poteen seizure
Return of Irish Constabulary men disciplined in 1849
Edition of Police Gazette or Hue & Cry March 29th 1854
Royal Irish Constabulary baton
Royal Irish Constabulary helmets
Photograph of RIC sergeant and wife
Tankard from RIC Phoenix Park Training Depot
The RIC - A Plea for Reform
Royal Irish Constabulary body armour
Civil Authorities Special Powers Act
Royal Ulster Constabulary Traffic Division
British Colonial Police helmet
Royal Ulster Constabulary policewoman's gloves
1950s RUC recruitment poster
Royal Ulster Constabulary Reserve Force radio
Photograph of RUC policewoman on patrol
RUC memo banning part of civil rights march 1968
Royal Ulster Constabulary Reserve recruitment poster
Anti-internment posters
RUC Castlereagh Detention Centre door lock
Loyalist protests projectile
Poster protesting against the Anglo-Irish Agreement
Press release regarding Equality Legislation in RUC
Disband the RUC' poster - policing Orange Order parades
ICP list of meetings & 'Defend the RUC' leaflet
RUC memorial poster & George Cross booklet
Photograph of the Police Ombudsman Office
GAA shirt presented to Chief Constable Baggott