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Irish Constabulary percussion lock pistol
Webley RIC Model revolver
Royal Irish Constabulary baton
Royal Irish Constabulary Lee-Enfield Carbine Mk1
Royal Irish Constabulary body armour
IRA Thompson submachine gun
Ulster Special Constabulary 'B' Specials firearms permit
RUC tunic and bandolier
Photograph of RUC transport
Royal Ulster Constabulary WWII helmet
Grenade from IRA attack on Brookeborough RUC Barracks
RUC memo banning part of civil rights march 1968
RUC equipment used during the Battle of the Bogside
RUC personal protection leaflet and weapon
IRA incendiary campaign - firebomb posters
Plastic bullets used by the RUC
Newspaper allegations of a RUC 'shoot-to-kill' policy
Loyalist protests projectile
Mortar from attack on Newry RUC Station
Press release regarding Equality Legislation in RUC
RUC equipment used before the cease-fires